Have you missed us? 

We miss you!

We are busy preparing our business to reopen to serve you safely in our brave new world.

Many of us who must be gluten free are immunocompromised. Being immunocompromised increases the chances of a negative outcome from COVID-19. 

We are taking steps to care for your health and care for our own as well. 

We are in the process of relocating to a larger kitchen where physical distancing is possible. Visit our reopening page for the latest news. 

Below are the new procedures and policies that we will be implementing to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers: 

Daily Health Survey

All employees will be required to complete a daily health survey prior to reporting to work.

Daily Temperature Check

All employees will be required to take their temperatures via a contactless thermometer prior to their shift.  If the employee’s temperature exceeds 98.6, the employee will not be permitted to work that day. 

Personal Protective Equipment

All employees are required to wear gloves and face masks and face shields at all times (with the exception of eating and drinking in designated socially distant break areas).   

Hands must be washed and gloves must be changed immediately if hair, face, clothes, or personal belongings are touched.  

Physical Distancing

Only two bakers will be permitted in the kitchen at any given moment to enable physical distancing for the safety of our employees and consumers.


All employees are required to wash their hands upon arrival to work, upon changing tasks, after taking any breaks, after using the restroom, and after touching their face, face mask, hair, clothes, or personal belongings.  Employees must wash their hands for 20 seconds with hot water and soap, following specific instructions. 

Sales associates at farmers markets who do not have a sink and soap readily available must wash their hands with hand sanitizer, which will be provided.  

In The Kitchen 

Staff will undergo food service training specific to COVID-19. 

Frequently touched areas will be sprayed down with sanitizer as needed or every 2 hours during the work day. 

The kitchen will be deep cleaned each evening or as needed. 

Preordered, Prepackaged Goods

We request that you plan to preorder on our website. We will prepackage your goods at the kitchen in eco-friendly packaging for market pick up or delivery.